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¿Escribir los verbos que aparecen entre paréntesis en VOZ ACTIVAoVOZ PASIVA según corresponda. Las dos primeras oraciones se dan como ejemplo?

a) The liver produces (produce) bile.

b) Speech is controlled (control) by the speech center of the brain.

c) The liver ____________________________ (form) vitamin A from vegetable substances.

d) Thyroxine ____________________________ (manufacture) in the thyroid gland.

e) White blood cells _________________________ (destroy) harmful microbes and bacteria.

f) The eyes ____________________________ (protect) by the eyelashes.

g) Enzymes in the saliva _______________________ (begin) to break down starches into sugars in the mouth.

h) Tiny globules of fat ________________________ (absorb) into the blood, and are used for producing energy.

i) The pituitary gland _________________________ (secrete) several hormones.

j) The sweat glands in the skin _______________________ (excrete) waste materials.

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