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Does your current generation in schools embarrass you?

My original place of birth as well as those where I was raised now have been forced by the idiocy of our current generation to have metal detectors in order to help them deter mass shootings which is an embarrassment. 

Is your school district innocent?


Why has our current generation lost its humanity? 

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No I don't mean just in the USA. Your school population are all saints huh John nor does your pooh stink. Your country is in no way better or worse than the US but you certainly are an a$$ aren't you? Knife crimes in Britain/UK are fairly common as is the use of wands. No where else in the world huh? Troll somewhere else. 

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  • hace 4 semanas

    I'm not that old, I only left secondary school 12 years ago, yet many of the new kids seem to be a completely new beast. 

    My old school used to be maybe 97% white British and Irish. The most diverse it got was Polish kids and two or three Indian kids, it now seems to be half African these days, and they tell me the Great Replacement is just a myth? It's obviously not just my school, white students are quickly becoming a minority nationwide.

    Many teenagers today seem to be coming out as a trans, the 16 y.o. daughter of my sister's friend is on puberty blockers and identifies as a boy. I think if she were born 10 years earlier she would just be a tomboy and grow out of it. 

    Many of them embrace a lot of woke nonsense, but I'm pleased to see there is a cohort of very right-wing Zoomers who are no doubt rebelling against the brainwashing and multiculturalism they're being subjected to. 

  • John P
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    hace 1 mes

    Ah, I assume you mean in the USA.

    In Britain and Europe and most parts of the world things are not silly as they are in (some? most?) American schools.

  • This is a direct result of liberal policies and the lack of discipline in society.

    This prevents adults from employing physical punishment in the home and school, which was the ultimate deterrent that most kids wished to avoid a few decades ago.

    Now brats have realised they can't be effectively disciplined and consequently become more brazen to the point where they're taking knives to school, and if caught they just get confiscated by the school which sends the wrong message to children and that's why knife crime is prevalent on our streets. 

    So, having metal detectors in school is like putting a plaster on the wound instead of preventing the original injury and that can only be done with discipline and the abolishment of liberal policies that have destroyed British values, integrity culture and common decency. 

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    Yes, in the UK there are communities where carrying knives is the norm. Stop and search is racist, until another aspiring footballer/model/actor/saint, dies in a gang incident, then it is the police at fault for not doing enough!

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  • hace 1 mes

    It’s what happens when a nation loves its guns more than its children.

  • ?
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    hace 1 mes

    Having metal detectors is schools is a sad indictment on society.  Schools should be one place where young people can be safe. 

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