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In LibreOffice, how to get a chart or summary section to expand with the data?

I have a spreadsheet with a data sheet, a charts sheet, and a summary sheet.  As I add data, I want the chart to reflect it and the summary formulae to reflect it.

But the data ranges all have a defined start and end in the chart, and my formulae (e.g. =AVERAGE(A4:A19)).  As a result, everytime I past a new row in, I have to manually update the extent of the data ranges in the chart and the formulae.

How can I tell the formula (and the charts) to include all cells in the column (starting with A4 for example) until the data stops.   I've seen other spreadsheets do this.  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

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    Insert the new rows within the range of the formula, not at the end.

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