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Ok this  may seem stupid. But anyways my niece is 3 years old. Why do I get nervous when she plays outside. Like for example today we went to my cousin's birthday who was turning 4 they had a small gathering they where running around and when she does that for some reason I get worried she may fall so I always tell her to he careful. Or i get worried that other kids may accidentally run into her. I mean she feel once only a scraped knee. But even when she just runs around for fun I get worried. When I was a kid nothing traumatizing happened me. So I don't know why I get like this. I'm a very nice person so when I see other people sad it makes me sad. I don't know if it has to do with that. Don't get me wrong I'll still let her play outside we have fun to. Even if it's a simple fall where she doesn't cry and gets up right away.  I get sacred and run up to her to make sure she's ok 

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    It's normal, but you have to let go. You don't want to be a helicopter aunt or parent in the future. Kids are going to do things that cause them to get hurt and you need to accept that and let them be kids. Be mindful of what they're up to but also allow them to be kids. It's hard, but you need to for both yourself and especially for her. 

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