Can a chimney support a fireplace on both sides?

We're planning a remodel, haven't gotten to the architect or contractor phase yet, but we have a chimney with a fireplace both in the basement and the ground floor in the same chimney.  We're considering turning one or both fireplaces into gas fireplaces. 

But the expansion we're planning may create another room on the other side of that chimney on the ground floor.  Could the OTHER side of that chimney be altered to ALSO include a gas fireplace on the ground floor?  Is that a thing?

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    You can have a gas fireplace anywhere you want, no chimney required. They make gas fireplaces that require no venting at all. Others require just PVC piping a couple inches around run through a wall to an outside vent, which in this case could be just a couple inch hole cut through brick into that chimney.  

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