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How much children's Benadryl can I give my tenpounder dog?

I am only asking this question simply because I'm not finding good information on the Internet and this isn't because I need a doctor and I'm being dumb and asking Internet before I go call a doctor I've seen people do that I will admit I've seen people do that they say my kid took this or this or this what do I do and people will say well first of all you're an idiot you need to call the hospital don't ask people on the Internet because they may take days to get an answer to you idiot you know those are stupid questions I'm not doing anything like that I have children's Benadryl it says I can give my 10 pounds dog 1/4 of a children's Benadryl which is 12.5 mg but I did not write how often a day do I did the 1/4 tab and this was several months back so I don't remember and I can't find anything on the Internet that tells me all I'm finding is information for an adult dose so I'm curious what everybody knows I know that for an adult dose which is 25 mg you give 1 mg per pound of dog weight and I don't know my mouth well enough to know what that means for 12.5 milligrams of medicine in the chewable tablets I must have figured that out to 1/4 tablet but I did not write down if that's a quarter tablet every four hours or every 12 hours or every 24 hours or what so that's what I'm looking for the pill is 12.5 mg total and if I were to break that into 1/4 pieces for a 10 pound dog when she gets anxiety or allergies, how often a day can I get her one of those pill quarters? 

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    a 10 pound dog is about 4  kgs, if the dose is 1 mg/kg then its 4 mgs.  If the pill is 12.5 then its about a third (12.5 divided by 4) Its about every 6 hours. But next time have your vet give you a chart on this.

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    One childs dosage per 25 pounds.

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