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Obama lovers do you have short term memories or selective memories.?

The first fiasco was "Cash for Clunkers."  It cost taxpayers an average of $25,000 per vehicle.  Obama forced car dealers to ruin many perfectly good trade ins.  The net benefit of the program was a big, fat zero.

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    I never loved that token  black president. He "apologized" for the US WHEN we rebuilt Germany, Japan. No Other county would, they sliced up, like Palestine after 1918.. He also side-stepped problems of radicalized  Muslims, especially in re: to San Berdoo shouting. He whined about "guns" being The problem.

    My Grandpa died, leaving 2 Loaded guns. The Problem is Ignorance in safe gun handling. We had to check, unload both; one was a single-bbl break-type Shotgun; so a om Shogun. Round in the chamber.

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