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Have you tried Wagyu beef?

Did you cook it yourself? Where did you buy it from? How did you cook it? 

I'm considering buying a few steaks from here https://wagyushop.com/collections/featured-product... or possibly some Kobe beef. Tips? Thoughts? Advice? 


@CB You know once in a lifetime experiences/opportunities? Those items on some people's bucket lists? It's the experience I'm after and so I am doing some homework to make sure I don't screw this up. The money is just a necessary evil to accomplish this goal. I agree that money and quality don't necessarily walk hand in hand and that $300 bottle could actually taste worse than some less expensive wines. This is just one of those things I have to try once before I die. Sorry about the corn. 

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  • hace 1 mes

    I've had it from a restaurant. It was good but very expensive - not really worth the price.

  • IvaB
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    hace 2 meses

    Afaik,true certified Japanese Kobe or Wagyu beef is only available at about a dozen restaurants in the USA,and the price is astronomical.Some unscrupulous online mail order sites pass off inferior cuts as genuine since there a very few standards as far as grading.I guess my point is to be very careful,and investigate sellers before you spend tons of money,and fall prey to charlatan sellers. 

  • Goerge
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    hace 2 meses

    I can definitely tell the difference between select and prime but sometimes I think choice is better than prime and that may be because they pay more attention to marbling and not enough to their diet, how they are raised and other factors I don't understand. 

  • Anton
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    hace 2 meses

    Do you have the sense of taste that will delight the palate?

    Test yourself. 

    Get a USDA Select striploin steak.

    Get a USDA Choice striploin steak.

    Get a USDA Prime striploin steak.

    Can YOU tell the differences, and do you think the difference is worth the extra money?

    ** IF ** you think the prime is far better than choice,

    THEN you need to try the A5 grade Japanese Beef,

    AND You might learn how to cook  a prime streak first, so you know you will not screw up the Wagyu.


    FYI, I have been to top restaurants, the long gone Caesars Palace Court and Disney's Club 33.

    If I am having a top meal, I also want the service.

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  • bill
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    hace 2 meses

    Youtube has videos of japanese chefs cooking it in fancy restaurants. Waste of money.

  • kswck2
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    hace 2 meses

    Wagyu beef is nothing more than a Marketing ploy to get idiots to spend WAY too much on beef. Kind of like  'bone-in' Filets. Is it better? Who cares? 

    Consider ANGUS beef as a marketing ploy as well-a way to jack up a price-nothing more. 

  • Anónimo
    hace 2 meses

    What country are you in?

    All Japanese beef has been banned from import in USA for almost 20 years due to mad cow. 

    If you are buying retail Wagyu beef in the USA, it's not Japanese.   It's an American-bred mixed-breed steer (usually Wagyu and Angus). 

    Restaurants can call ANY beef Wagyu whether it is genetically Wagyu or not.

    So whatever you are planning to buy...it isn't going to be Japanese Wagyu or Kobe beef; it's going to be an American bred mixed breed.

    There is plenty of good American beef out there.  There is nothing magical (or Japanese) about beef labeled "wagyu" in the USA.

    Sure, Copper River salmon is great, but there is plenty of fantastic wild salmon coming out of the Pacific Northwest.

    If you want to try it, go for it.  Many of us try expensive things simply because of branding.   But just know it isn't actually Japanese Wagyu beef like you would get in Japan.

  • CB
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    hace 2 meses

    My thought - haven't tried it though. It will be very good but not good enough to warrant the exorbitant costs. Kind of like wine - you can get some pretty darn good wines from $25 or less - the $300 bottle just wouldn't be worth it to ME. YMMV

    @OP Absolutely agree with you and if I was determined to try it I would go to a restaurant that was well known for serving it - have it prepared correctly to avoid an expensive mistake and to see how they do it in case I wanted to try it at home.

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