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Who would win in a dogfight, North Korean SU-25 or Filipino KAI T50 ?

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    The SU 25 was designed for ground support,  kind of like the A10.  It is a sub sonic plane.   The T50 was designed for multi rolls including air to air combat,  kind of like the F16.  It is super sonic.   Unless the Pilot of the T50 is stupid,  he would win easily over the SU 25. 

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    The Filipino KAI T50. 

    North Korean SU-25's were procured in the late 80s. The PAF got their T50's in 2012. Several decades in air frame age alone with North Korea's well known shortages of fuel, munitions and spare parts mean not only are the planes themselves are not maintained but pilots have little experience with around 30 hours of flight per year. The PAF whilst it has its issues is no where near that poor.

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    hopefully they wont be fighting at all

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    depends on who's flying them and who makes the first error ^_^

    its that simple.

    if both pilots are evenly matched and masters of their jets,  it will make for a spectacular dog fight however at some point one or the other will miscalculate or over calculate or simply 'freeze' that 1 second when they should have acted..

    thats all it takes tbh in a dog fight.

    technology is only so useful.

    you need to be happy to die in a dog fight but you need to be a fecking krazy cvnt who actualy enjoys the 'dangerzone'  and the dance with death ^_^

    both fighters are good, but i'd again go with the pilot who holds his nerve best.

    50/50 tie.

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    I've never heard of the latter so I would go with the NK jet, which I've also never heard of but - "SU-25" sounds Russian-made. 

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