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How do you clean store-bought mung bean sprouts?

is the only method for rinsing them? And how do you reneseme I'm seeing a whole lot about how to grow your own and then after they grow to a certain point then you pick them and wash them but I want to know how to wash store-bought correctly what's the method for doing that do you wash them with vinegar water like you do with certain other fruits and veggies? Or do you just rinse them with water only and how long do they have to be rinsed ? And am I supposed to boil them I'm pretty sure I remember someone telling me you're supposed to boil them but can I just rinse them and put them in a Ziploc bag? I saw something briefly they are supposed to put paper towels in the bag and then loosely put the clean sprouts on top of the paper towel and then loosely put another paper towel on top and again another couple handfuls but you don't want to make the bag incredibly full and put that in the fridge but I don't know I've never seen that before so I'm asking what do other people do? Do I boil them after putting them in the sink to rinse and then wait for them to cool before putting them in the fridge or do I just rinse them and go straight to the fridge and then boil them before I eat them and how long do I boil?

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    My first thought was to soak them in a lightly salted water for a few mins then rinse and do one of the things mentioned in your question.

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    Soak for a bit or just add them to a soup as-is. 

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