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Generator Question?

I dont normally Ask Questions but today im asking something 

I own a Portable Generator Im trying to Figure out what the Problem is 

It starts with the Pull Cord but It wont Start when I Pressed the Button 

Any Experts on this kind of Stuff ? would Appreciate your time if you know what the Problem can be can you give me some Input on It 

Thank you 


Battery is not Dead wish I could comment on the Answers but they dont Allow that currently 

When I use the Pull Cord and Pull to Start it I can start it that way 

But when I just only Press the Button to Choke start it that way with the Switch it wont start 

Durning Isaias I was able to Run my Generator with the Pull cord had no problems running It 

Its just a Pain in the But to have to use the Pull Cord would rather Fix the Button so I can start it that way and not the Pull Cord 

Actualización 2:

I also run my Portable Generator once a Month so I test the Battery every month and Run It 

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    If it has a push button start, it has a battery.  Is the battery dead?

    If the battery isn't dead, that just tells me that something about the starting circuit has died: the starter solenoid, a break in the wiring or blown fuse, failed starter button. Everything else about the machine working points up that the failure has to be in the starting system itself and nowhere else.

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    Does the starter button turn it over?

    Recharge the battery fully and test it. Sometimes the battery will roll it over but have insufficient power to ignite the spark plug at the same time.

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    What's the make and model?  In any case I'd just carry on with the cord - your arm is more reliable than cheap Chinese starters, if that's what it is.

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    electric start machines require fully charged battery to turn the starter.  With small engines, they frequently aren't worth the added cost.  can also be that the starter has gone bad ... and repairing these devices is frequently more costly than simply buying a new one [they're all made in the usual low wage country, so are repair parts, but repair labor costs at US rates.]

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