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As a Queen's guard, how much trouble can you get into for breaking character?

You stand and march for 8 hours guarding a building from morons and possible terrorists, but what happens if you broke away from the line to pose with a child to have a photo taken?  

What if a pilot from an unfriendly nation flew his SU-35 over the palace?

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    Queen's Guards, on duty,  do NOT pose for pictures.  They are on DUTY, scanning the crowds for any trouble makers. 

    People stand next to them,  and they allow that.......but they do NOT tolerate being touched or provoked. 

    You can check YOUTUBE for the videos of what happens to idiots who get too close and cross the line. 

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    The Queen’s Guard do what they do and don’t break character because they respect the position they have. It’s not at all easy to be chosen as a member of the guard. 

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    What if what if what if - the top idiots on this platform use 2 phrases either of which indicates them to be a troll and to be dismissed, 1) what if and 2) is it true

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