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Did you ask SR-71 and U-2 pilots who flew over Cuba if they found Bernie Sanders' comments about Fidel Castro to be offensive?

Bernie Sanders doubling down on his past praise of Fidel Castro for promoting free-of-charge schools for the Cuban people pissed off all Cuban-Americans and freedom-loving Americans of Anglo heritage, because such talk is the equivalent of the radical left praising Stalin for saving the USSR from the Nazis in World War II, and it was part of reason that he got crushed in this year's Democratic primaries (Sanders is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, and even elderly Americans who have depended on Obamacare consider a Medicare-for-all program the equivalent of state-run medical facilities in the former USSR, Cuba, communist Ethiopia, and former communist states in Central/Eastern Europe). Maybe many veteran SR-71 and U-2 pilots who overflew Cuba have panned Bernie for being insensitive to the suffering Fidel Castro inflicted on his people and those in Latin America and Africa who refused to agree with his bankrupt, twisted vision for the developing world, since they know that calling Castro evil is out of respect for not just Cuban-Americans but also US values.

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    Recognizing something good that a bad guy did is not endorsement of the bad guy.   Unfortunately the reverse seems to be true.   People say Washington owned slaves so he is a bad guy.   We need to look at the whole person before we say if they are good or bad,  not just one event in their lives. 

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