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Why didn't Adolf Hitler tell Joseph Goebbels to have his first name changed even though Joseph is a Jewish first name?

The Nazi government created a verboten (Forbidden) blacklist of first names that they knew were Jewish, including Rebecca, Joseph, Joshua, Samuel, Abraham, Noah, Sarah, Jacob, Benjamin, and Franklin. However, Joseph Goebbels had a Jewish first name, meaning that Hitler could have the opportunity to ask his propaganda minister to go to an office in Berlin to demand that Goebbels' first name be changed to Heinz.

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  • Nick
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    hace 2 meses
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    Hitler was ethnically Jewish, through his paternal grandfather. Goebbels probably also had some Jewish ancestry. Their hated themselves because they feared they would never be accepted as true Germans, and this quickly transformed into hatred for all Jewish people

  • Tina
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    hace 2 meses

    Where did you get this information from, and are you sure it's correct?- where, for instance, did the name Franklin come from on your list?

    Joseph is a Catholic name, for obvious reasons.

    Nick, there is absolutely no proof that Hitler's grandfather was Jewish, and a good deal of evidence to to suggest he wasn't. And why do you think 'Goebbels probably had some Jewish ancestry' - why is it probable? Goebbels, sadly, was a Catholic, from a Catholic family, with a Catholic name.

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    yeah, it is like if his name was Judas or Soloman or something, crazy

  • Marli
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    hace 2 meses

    Franklin is a Jewish name?

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