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Did you ask SR-71 and U-2 pilots if they knew that Fidel Castro was a monster after hearing about his plans to export communism to LatAm?

During the Cold War, SR-71 Blackbirds overflew Cuba as part of Operation Giant Plate and Operation Giant Clipper to keep a watchful eye on Fidel Castro's attempts to wreak mayhem in Latin America by sparking Marxist uprisings in the region as well as Soviet warships and Warsaw Pact merchant ships sailing to and departing Cuba, because the CIA and Pentagon were determined to prevent Castro from implanting Soviet communism on the rest of Latin America. When news of a batch of MiG-23s being shipped to Cuba reached Washington, foreign policy hawks were concerned that the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces possessing nuclear-armed fighter bombers, so an SR-71 overflew Cuba in the late 1970s to determine if those MiGs were nuclear-armed, and analysis of the MiG-23s at the Cuban airfield photographed by the Blackbird showed that the MiG-23s were of the conventional fighter variant.

Given this info above, it's possible that the airmen who flew SR-71 and U-2 over Cuba during the Cold War knew that Fidel Castro was becoming a monster after hearing about Castro's foes being shot to death by firing squad, but also Che Guevara's plans to impose Fidel Castro's bankrupt communist ideology on the rest of Latin America. They also know that calling Fidel Castro is out of respect for not just Cuban Americans, but also US values.

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