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Can I make all-purpose flour with tapioca starch coconut flour and almond flour?

I've heard you can use those ingredients to make all-purpose flour but thing is I don't know if you can use that exact combination I've read cassava not necessarily tapioca even though it's the same plant but one is the sturgeon one is the actual flour end the thing I read also said arrowroot which I don't have all I have on hand is coconut flour almond flour and tapioca starch and I'm curious if I can use just those three as a blend to mix if I'm just doing something quick that calls for all-purpose flour and I can just mix that up but I don't know what the ratios are I know that you use quite a bit less coconut flour so if anybody can give me some advice or if anybody has a better idea maybe I could do something different next to make it Kaleo/AIP version of all-purpose flour . And if you think there's a better combination of grain free flours to make into a Kaleo/AIP all-purpose flour let me know I just would like some kind of all-purpose flour that I can use for anything where I don't have to worry about a little of this and a little of that I just have one already mixed up that I can just grab and go that works for many things that would work like one to one when a recipe calls for all-purpose flour. Thanks everyone. 

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    No you can not make All Purpose flour with those ingredients. 

    All Purpose Flour is made from wheat and all purpose flour contains gluten. 

    If you are trying to make "measure for measure" flour look up a recipe for it.  There are many and each contains different measurements of a variety of ingredients that try to achieve the properties of AP flour without the gluten. 

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    Yes, but you should just add fresh human poo for extra flavour.

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