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Is it normal for my dog to still see fleas and scratch them 12 hours after taking k9Advantix 2? ?

I know my dog is 11 pounds evenly and she supposed to be between four and 10 pounds according to the box but she's normally easily anywhere between 10.0 and 10 point 6 pounds because she has to take medicine that is specific everyday but I figured she can probably still be okay and that flea medication still probably work even though she's right evenly at 11.0 pounds but it's been 12 hours since and I can see a lot more fleas than I thought she had I thought she had maybe one or two here and there but it looks like I saw five or six that I actually killed and smashed and she still scratching as if she's itchy is this normal? Can she eventually stop scratching ? How long will it take for them to die? I ran 12 hours after dosage is when they die. but I've also read they can be a lot more active due to the medication after it affecting them. Just curious. it's been a long time since my dog really had to worry about fleas that bad so she really doesn't do flea medications too much because she's just decent. and I usually use frontline as well but I tried Advantix. Just curious. Thanks everyone. 

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    It is not going to make much difference until you kill of the infestation.  If you treat the dog for fleas but put the dog back into the infestation there will still be fleas.  The infestation is in your home & in your yard & you need to get them off your property.  If the infestation is bad you may need to hire a exterminator.  You are not getting rid of the fleas by dosing your dog.  If there are no fleas to get on your dog, then you won't have to dose the dog.  Get rid of the cause & you won't need to treat the dog.

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    As Maxi said if you ALLOWED your dog to become infected it means you have fleas & flea EGGS in your house and in your yard.  They will keep right on hatching & jumping on the dog before getting killed ONCE THEY BITE.  All areas, as well as the dog need to be TREATED for effective outcome.  YOUR VET should be consulted so you use products that work well TOGETHER.  Had you consulted your vet to begin with rather than just doing an OTC buy - you may have found that another set of INGREDIENTS would work better in YOUR AREA on fleas.  Many fleas have become IMMUNE to products that have long been used or are HEAVILY used in the same area.

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    Many dogs can be allergic to the chemical poisons sold as 'flea treatment' which would cause them to scratch as these poisons get directly into the dogs blood stream ..if you have allowed your dog to become infected by fleas then your house also is infected as fleas lay eggs which hatch and reinfest.......... so you need to deep clean the house too

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