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What drawbacks do you see for mail in voting?

I see planning ahead and making decisions weeks ahead of time as problematic.  Some voters make up their minds when they walk into the polling places.  Anything can happen in the two weeks before the election and millions of voters might be swayed.

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    Mail in Voting.. There is a difference between what the DEMS want you to think and how come so many of you forget yo use the DEMOCRIT TERM UNIVERSAL MAIL IN which is what they are talking about''


    I can see at least 5 problems with it: Here they are for you to read even though we know you are probably a democrit and will not admit it.'The five major problems with universal mail in voting.First of all universal mail in voting is different than existing absentee ballot voting.,With universal mail in ballots every voter gets a ballot in the mail.With our existing absentee ballot system voters must request an absentee ballot in order to receive one in the mail.'That distinction is very important for several reasons.'If every voter gets a ballot by mail and then is supposed to return a ballot by mail that places an enormously different burden on election systems whether it's the mail service and the post office or the system to validate signatures.'If everybody gets a ballot by mail automatically that also encouragesballot harvesting which means third-party individuals showing up atyour door to try to collect your ballot, which leads to problems we'll discuss in a moment, but this difference between universal mail and voting and existing absentee ballots is critical.'So don't let democrats tell you there is no difference so there are five major problems with universal mail-in voting.' 1. We already have proof that mail-in voting leads to ballot harvesting, and ballot piracy in California, North Carolina and Texaspeople have been either caught or convicted of ballot harvesting already.Specifically in Texas ballot pirates intercepted the ballots the mail-inballots of older voters and forced them to sign the ballots that were already filled out.'In California Democratic Operatives were caught offering to return ballots to polling locations for voters, but only if the voters were Democrats.'In North Carolina a republican candidate was rightly forcedto drop out of his race after he was caught engaging in an illegal ballot harvesting scheme that's.'2. Post Office incompetence is a real issue, in New York 20,000 mail-in ballots were not postmarked by the post office and were thrown out after the recent election, then a judge ruled that those ballots must be counted.'Now the problems with this are obvious.,If the ballots are legitimate and the Post Office incompetence is to blame then throwing out the ballots without postmarks is the definition of voter disenfranchisement'If the ballots cannot be certified or verified as legitimate then there's a possibility of fraud.'Then counting the ballots without postmarks is also the definition ofvoter disenfranchisement it's a lose-lose.'3. Elections, especially down ballot races are often decided by razor thin margins.'In the state of Florida for example the gubernatorial race in 2018 was decided by just 30 000 votes.'In Ohio a congressional race was decided by mere hundreds of votes.'So the accuracy of which ballots are valid and which are not is veryvery important.'4. Our system of government requires definitive outcomes to elections obviously, but look at New York, we're weeks out fromone statewide election and we don't have definitive outcomesbecause of the mail-in voting.'5. Finally a new CDC study shows there was no spike in covet-19cases after the Wisconsin elections, so the argument that people can't risk their health to vote in person is moot.'The heart of the matter is this.'There is tremendous vulnerability to fraud and incompetence and inaccuracy with universal mail in voting and we shouldn't wait for this to happen for fraud and incompetence related to universal mail and voting to ruin an election before we protect against it.

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    Everyone that casts a vote should have to prove who they are. NO MAIL IN VOTING OF ANY KIND SHOULD HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    History proves that the system works very well.  I'm quite certain, however, that if there is a way of cheating the system, Trump will find it!

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    Then they should vote in person.

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    For one thing mail does get lost and or mutilated. Last election I think there were several bags of mail in ballots that were discovered after the announced results. California rejected some 100K mail in ballots because of "mistakes" last election. So you might think you did every thing right, but those who count the ballots throw it in the do not count bin because of some technical error.

    One other thing, you might change your vote.

    What popped into my mind is what if some country makes a concerted effort to counterfeit mail in ballots and place votes.

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    Instead of the vote going from the voting booth straihth into tabulation it will be handled by people, sorted by people counted by people and subject to the bias of the people doing all that

    the government has enough problem sorting out unemployment checks

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