What city does Metropolis represent?

I've heard that Metropolis is supposed to represent Chicago.  But I'm also aware that  Frank Miller once claimed that Gotham in NYC by night, and Metropolis in NYC by day.  Effectively one representing the optimistic and wealthy side, the other being the crime-ridden, corrupt pessimistic view on NYC.

Is there a definitive canon on this?  Did Siegel & Shuster ever weigh in?  How to the comics tend to treat it?

Bonus points if anyone can educate me on other fictional DC cities that are meant to be proxies for a real city and what that is.

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    Metropolis was originally based on Joe Shuster's hometown of Toronto, Ontario. However, later artists have used New York City as a model for Metropolis. 

    In the main continuity, Metropolis is located in the US East Coast, likely on Delaware according to some old DC guides.

    Batman's hometown Gotham City is based on New York City. Most maps usually place the city in New Jersey, specifically near Atlantic City.

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