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Can we recover naturally against covid- 19? ?

Like we don't take any medicine or care from health workers, do you think we can recover without them?

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  • hace 2 meses

    It could be possible but not for a while!

  • hace 2 meses

    With as little as we know about it. It may be possible. 

  • hace 2 meses

    Most people do. Some medicines help with the symptoms. So, in general, few people who just contract it  die, and most recover quite well, although there are after effects that don't clear for quite a while.

  • Anónimo
    hace 2 meses

    take black cumin seed oil daily with honey

    lots of fruits for the Vit C

    gargle with hot salt water before going

    to bed

    take multivitamin mineral supplement

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  • hace 2 meses

    Breaking News...

    Fauci used Covid-19 to strip civil liberty rights from americans.


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    Covid-19 can be resolved using cough drops.

  • J
    Lv 6
    hace 2 meses

    Most people recover on their own, although some get very sick. Many people do need to be hospitalized though.

  • hace 2 meses

    Of course most recover on their own, those hospitalized get supportive treatment for all the side effects of the virus.

  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    hace 2 meses

    We currently don't have another way...

    Medicines available only serve to make the patient more comfortable.   It doesn't 'heal' anything.   

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