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Is it possible for a video editor to have issues playing H.265 4K UHD videos, but not H.264 4K HD videos and below?

I'm using a video editor that seems to have some issues playing 4K UHD videos using the newer H.265 (HEVC) video compression technology, but is fine playing H.264 4K HD videos and lower. This is kind of a bummer for me considering how I paid $56 AUD for this POS.


I already have an active subscription for this software version. Although I can see another version of it that does support that feature.  

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    of course.H.265 is newer and so it is less supported. whether it's 4K or not shouldn't matter to the software. as long as your video card supports it, even 8K should be loadable.

    HEVC is also not free, and it costs money to implement. so free programs are less likely to implement it.

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