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What does it mean if my home phone rings three times but feature ring is half a ring? ?

It's like three different times today my phone would ring on the half rings it was three out of four rings but it would be half rings like "rin -rin- rin-" and finally the third time that it happened around 8 PM this evening I decided I was gonna pick it up and make sure my phone is not having issues and it was all crackle and I said hello three times before somebody answered and said that they were from farmers insurance and I was like nope and hung up on them but I take the phone back up and it had a regular dialtone. I told my dad about it because he's a tech expert and he said his cell phone was doing that to his cell phone was ringing just like that and when he would get a vibration for a text it would only be half of the vibration tone thing and he thought it was just his phone and we both were thinking that's a little weird but we don't have any explanation for it or any ideas why. Is anybody else having issues with this and does anybody know why? will it just go away?

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