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Do Japanese sweet potatoes taste like regular sweet potatoes or more like a regular potato?

I got some kind of a potato one time at my local farmers market store it was a store called sprouts farmers market and it was in the potato section over in the produce called a Japanese sweet potato and I thought what's this? is it anything like a regular sweet potato? but I wouldn't know until I got home and tried it once I cooked it I realized it tasted a lot more starchy and less sweet but still had a hint of sweetness mostly starchy whereas an orange sweet potato is not start and does not taste like a potato it's sweet . So I was very thoroughly happy because I can't have night shades. But I don't remember bc I also saw something at that store called "fresh white sweet potatoes". I bought it but haven't tried it. I read just now that Japanese sweet potatoes are sweet and are very good desserts but I thought the one I bought called a Japanese sweet potato was starchy sweet and had white flesh. just now reading about the white sweet potato it's got a very pale skin that makes you think of a regular potato but it's very bumpy and shaped like a sweet potato but skinnier and longer and it does have a white flesh I believe and it is claiming to starchier than your typical sweet potato. What is the best sweet potato survive that has the most starchy flavor the least sweetness and a good substitute for regular potatoes if I can't have nightshades ? Because I want to have potatoe soups and vegetable soups with this in place of regular potatoes and I need something very starchy. 


Thanks again for any help. 

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So far nobody has even closely answered my question I don't want to know why it's starchy and I don't want to know how to say potato in a different language that's not what I asked . What I'm asking is what is the difference between a Japanese sweet potato and white sweet potato? Are they not the same thing and no one has more of a dark skin and one has a lighter skin but I think they're both starchier than your typical sweet potato. Am I wrong? 

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Also what is the best sweet potato to get that tastes more starchy like a regular potato? I know sweet potatoes taste sweet but some are more starchy with a very mildly sweet flavor but more starchy and that's what I want because I can't have potatoes and I wanted to have something like it as much as possible. that's my question

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  • Japanese potatoes have a different starch content than potatoes in Europe and North America.

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    They taste like a sweet regular potato. 

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    I believe that it is the same as what Americans call a sweet potato, just in another language (translated to English). For example, in Central and South America it is called a 'batata' or a 'camote'. Effectively the same thing. 

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    it probably depends on how they make them

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