What movie or show am I remembering?

   A magician has an act where he goes inside a box with holes in the cover. He closes the cover. A rope is released, sending a board with spikes on it SLAMMING into the box. The board is pulled up & the magician steps out, unharmed. 

   The solution of How Did He Do It ~ under the stage was a pyramid large enough for a person to fit inside. As long as the magician was able to lure someone inside, the magic would send the spikes to the pyramid, instantly killing whoever was inside. The magician stepped out of the box & took his bows. 

   Later, a man is missing his friend {I don't remember if it was his girlfriend, his wife, or someone he cared for], & he goes around looking for her. He happens on the pyramid, & opens it. To his sheer delight, his friend was in there, unharmed {Because the magician hadn't started his act yet.}. Since there is no one inside the pyramid now, the spikes come slamming on the murderous magician, killing him.

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