¿Cuales son sus mejores live thrash metal albums del siglo veintiuno?(2000-2019)?

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    METALLICA the unnamed feeling/some kind of monster ep/live in Paris 2003

    METALLICA live aux arènes de nimes 2009

    METALLICA orgulo pasion y gloria, tres noches en la ciudad de mexico 2009

    METALLICA quebec magnetic 2009

    METALLICA,SLAYER,MEGADETH, ANTHRAX the big 4 live Sofia 2010

    METALLICA through the never 2012

    SLAYER war at the warfield 2001

    SLAYER still reigning 2004

    SLAYER the unholy alliance 2007

    SLAYER live wacken (bonus repentless) 2015

    SLAYER the repentless killogy live inglewood 2017

    ANTHRAX music of mass destruction live chicago 2003

    ANTHRAX alive 2 live new jersey 2005

    ANTHRAX chile on hell 2013

    ANTHRAX kings amongst Scotland 2017

    MEGADETH rude awakening 2001

    MEGADETH that one night live in buenos aires 2005

    MEGADETH rust in peace live 2010

    MEGADETH countdown to extinction live 2012

    TESTAMENT live in london 2005

    TESTAMENT live in taiwan 2007

    TESTAMENT dark roots of thrash 2013

    TESTAMENT live in tokyo (bonus titans of creation) 2017

    OVERKILL wrecking everything new jersey 2002

    OVERKILL live at wacken open air 2007

    OVERKILL live in Overhausen 2016

    EXODUS live at the DNA 2004

    EXODUS shovel headed tour machine live Wacken 2008

    KREATOR live kreation 2002

    KREATOR live wacken (bonus enemy of god) 2005

    KREATOR dying alive 2013

    KREATOR live wacken 2014 (bonus gods of violence)

    KREATOR live at the roundhouse london apocalypticon 2018

    SODOM one night in bangkok 2002

    SODOM lords of depravity I 2001/2004

    SODOM lords of depravity II wacken 2007

    DESTRUCTION alive devastation 2002

    DESTRUCTION live discharge 2004

    DESTRUCTION the curse of antichrist:live agony 2009

    DESTRUCTION born to thrash 2019

    TANKARD open all night reloaded gelsenkirchen 2007

    TANKARD fat ugly and still alive 2005

    TANKARD live rock hard (bonus one foot in the grave) 2016

    DEATH ANGEL sonic beatdown live in germany 2009

    DEATH ANGEL the bay calls for blood san francisco 2015

    LAAZ ROCKIT live untold 200

    ICED EARTH festivals of the wicked 2007/2008

    ICED EARTH live in ancient kourion 2012

    ARCH ENEMY live apocalypse 2005

    ARCH ENEMY tyrants of the rising sun:live in japan 2008

    ARCH ENEMY astro khaos:officiel bootleg 2012

    ARCH ENEMY war eternal tour tokyo 2015

    ARCH ENEMY as the stages burn wacken 2016

    ANNIHILATOR double live annihilation 2002

    ANNIHILATOR live at masters of rock 2008

    ANNIHILATOR triple threat 2016

    ONSLAUGHT live polish assault 2007

    ONSLAUGHT live damnation 2008

    ONSLAUGHT live at the slaugherhouse 2014

    SACRED REICH live at wacken 2007

    MACHINE HEAD hellalive 2003

    MACHINE HEAD machine ******' head live 2012

    SEPULTURA live sao paulo 2003

    SEPULTURA alive at rock in rio 2013

    LAMB OF GOD killadelphia 2005

    HIRAX thrash and destroy 2007

    HIRAX first time in poland 2011

    VOI VOD tatsumaki japan 2008

    VOI VOD live at roadburn 2011

    VOI VOD live at 70000 tons of metal cruise (bonus the wake) 2018

    FLOTSAM AND JETSAM live phoenix 2004

    FLOTSAM AND JETSAM live japan 2004

    FLOSTAM AND JETSAM once in a deathtime katowice 2008

    TOXIC HOLOCAUST brazilian slaughter 2006

    MUNICIPAL WASTE live at alley katz 2006

    alive gain NUCLEAR ASSAULT 2002

    SUICIDAL TENDENCIES live at the olympic auditorium 2010

    METAL CHURCH classic live 2017

    DOWN diary of a mad band 2006

    SUPERJOINT RITUAL live in Dallas 2002

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