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Suggestions for a scotch tasting?

I have 5 or 6 bottles of different single-malts with about an inch in each one. I was thinking of getting together with a couple of friends and draining the bottles. Otherwise they just sit there. Would it be more fun to do it "blind" and then compare notes, or just drain one bottle after another, or have no organization at all and just drink 'em up?

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  • hace 3 meses

    Trade them for some bourbon.

  • hace 3 meses

    Pour them all into one bottle, then mix them with Mountain Dew or Sprite.  Don't forget to add lots of ice.

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    hace 3 meses

    Blind test would be fun.You could create a check list for every bottle (color, nose, taste profile, smoothness...etc). Descriptions of the flavors they pickup etc....comparing afterwards will be interesting.

  • hace 3 meses

    Pour out a tasting for each friend, taste it straight, then add ice and compare that way. 

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