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¿hello people of Argentina its my 1st time asking here in English, i need help with Portuguese?

ok i can't speak Spanish, i'm sorry so i tried Brazil yahoo, but i got rude or offensive answers sometimes what immature Brazilians write to me profanity words in English or sometimes in Portuguese when using a translator or when i ask them to, please write me in English and still some write in Portuguese that i can't read, but very little help there, i get very little English answers of translations so i got tired of it and tried English yahoo to ask if there r any Portuguese speakers, but not a lot of Portuguese speakers there to translate me, can anybody here speak Portuguese if ur a Argentine Brazilian or something could u translate me a Portuguese comic to English, please?

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  • hace 2 meses

    Hi Margaret. I'm from Argentina, but I can't help you with translating a portuguese comic to english. Most of us (i mean the argentinian people) can approximately understand portuguese when brazilian people speak to us, because the two languages are similar in some way, but it's not enough to make a large translation work like you ask. I'm sorry to hear the negative and inmature response from the Brazil community in yahoo, but it's difficult try to translate portuguese to english with an argentinian translator. Anyway, I hope you find someone that meet your expectations. Good luck and have a nice day.

  • hace 2 meses

    Hello, Margaret. I'm argentinian but I can't speak portugese. I speak Spanish only. Sorry. I agree with the other user that also answered you ("gusta_desu"), too bad that they answered that way. And I also agree with that person because most of argentinians can't speak portugese. *We can barely understand a few words or sentences.*

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