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COVID-19 Anti mask people it is good or not ?

wear mask good ? 


in Quebec is mask in all store, bar, restaurant  

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Police for illegal people without mask ?

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    Young people in their 20s and 30s are dying daily like flies because they choose to not protect themselves from the coronavirus and not wear masks.Every day the death count from coronavirus increases, yet people fail to protect themselves. Masks are cheap, $1 in some supermarkets. Cloth masks are much better than paper masks but paper masks still protect you. Cloth masks costs about $5 to $10 and can be washed  and left to dry. Paper masks can be worn for several days. Place the used paper masks in an open paper sack that will dry any moisture from your nostrils and mouth, and the virus will die if exposed in a day or more. Buy extra masks so you are prepared.The good new today about the bad news of coronavirus is that Trump continues to lose support for his lack of leadership. Trump is a billionaire business man who always got his way with business and does not know how to deal with common people like you and me. Trump announced last month that he would drop out of the race for reelection is his support continued to fall. I suspect this is another scare sign to seek attention and sympathy. The other good news is a university in Israel, today, 19 July, reports a drug for cholesterol -lowering named FENOFIBRATE protect lung cells from coronavirus and after 5 days most of the coronavirus was gone. Go to Google and read about this new drug.Save yourself! Wear a mask!


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