Can angina cause your right arm to feel like a pinched nerve in the bicep? ?

I might possibly have angina I saw my general practitioner who said I might need to see the gastroenterologist but I have an appointment for him on the 28th it's gonna be telemedicine or telehealth whatever it's called but I for the last week straight have been having the worst case of heartburn and on occasion indigestion and I can feel the pressure from the heartburn in my back preferably on the left side but it can be the holdback. and as I sleep sitting up the back pain is worse but if I lay down the heartburn gets severe and a couple months ago I was crying all through the sleep and my GP on Thursday said since I had a G.I. scope a year ago and found mild inflammation this might be something to look into again. and we temporarily switched my medicine for heartburn to Nexium until we see the G.I. just because we want to see if maybe that helps and then let him know and see what he thinks. but sometimes at night I feel a pinch nerve in my right bicep when I sleep but it's not that bad it just feels kinda like poor circulation I don't know . I feel like this might be angina and that I should mention that possibility to the G.I.. any suggestions? I really can't eat much more than like 1/4 cup of something all day everyday without feeling worst heartburn. Any suggestions. 


I also have autoimmune that I'm gonna get looked at on the 14th. And this might have something to do with that. This might be my body attacking it so hence why I think it might be autoimmune. but regardless I need to talk to the G.I.

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    GERD which I have will give  you a pain in your chest, back and arm, it can mimic a heart attack, it did to me. Keep taking the Nexium, I take it, and avoid spicy foods, fizzy drinks and citric fruits. Eat a bland diet. The pain in your bicep is to do with your muscles not your heart.

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