how to connect my plex media account to my laptop?

i wanna sit in bed and watch everything that is loaded on my plex server from my laptop. i have it connected from the desktop to my roku on the tv but i can also watch it on my phone. i dont have a premium acct just the basic. now i wanna do this on my laptop. so i went to the web and downloaded the plex media to my laptop and logged in. im still logged in on my desktop and now also on my laptop. it recognizes on the laptop that im using  the laptop for the plex but there is no content. so it also tries to connect to the desktop bc im using the same network. it tells me that its not a secure connection and i allow it anyway. so it then works for like 10 seconds and says couldnt find content. i try and try and i even see that the desktop is allowed when i look for allowed connections. it shows that the desktop, the laptop, the phone and the roku are all allowed and i dont wanna disable them. so why cant the laptop connect to my desktop where all the content is if my phone can? im not going outside the wifi range. i would need to have a premium for that i am just in the next room on my bed trying to use the same server but on my laptop. any help is greatly appreciated thanks. 

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