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What restore options does Windows 10 have?

I completely backed up my PC (Windows 8) and I just want to restore my pictures on my new computer that will arrive this afternoon.

I don't want to install a system image. Can I just move my photo album to the new PC? It's huge at about 216 gigabytes of family pics, but my new computer comes with a 2 terabyte SSD.

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    Linking the two computers would be simplest.  That is best guess because you don't describe the "PC (Windows 8)" at all.  Might be a laptop.  Or the "new computer", might also be a laptop.  If both are on a wired network (ethernet cables), that could be fastest for laptops, or one desktop and one laptop, or two desktops.  Might take quite a while, even with Gigabit ports and cables for network connection.

    If both are desktop computers, you could open both cases, and run the old hard disk as a secondary disk in the new computer.  Should be alright, but you must be careful about two drives with Windows operating systems.  You must boot from the new drive, not the old, to avoid messing up the hardware drivers in the new computer, or the drivers in the old computer disk.  That would be fastest yet, but more trouble.

    There are special cables for computer to computer transfer if you have no network cables and router, or don't want to mess with insides of desktops.  Many use fast USB ports.  Some have used a simple ethernet cable between two computers if their network connections are set to peer-to-peer (but modern hardware might detect that configuration automatically).

    Another option is to buy an expansion hard drive in its powered enclosure.  Then you plug it into the old computer, copy over the picture files.  After that transfer, plug in the expansion drive box to the new computer and transfer that 216 GB overnight.

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    Just buy a USB flash drive and transfer them. Get a 128 gb or 256 and you'll only have to do 1 or 2 transfers

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