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What desktop PC to get?

I know nothing about computers and the max I can spend is about £600. I would like to use the PC for things like digital art (so I'd be connecting my drawing tablet and using software like photoshop), some gaming (mostly MMOs like Tera) and animation (basic stuff like MMD). I honestly have no idea where to start, all these things lag/crash on my current PC and I'm done with laptops lol

Thank you~

P.S When buying a desktop computer, does it come with the monitor and keyboard and everything or do you buy those separately?

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  • Luke
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    hace 4 semanas

    It's kind of hard for me to answer in specific detial since I don't live the UK. Desktops don't usually come with a monitor, mouse or keyboard but if you're frugal you should be able to buy these things and stay within budget. 

    Alternately, you could connect the computer to the telly and use that as a monitor. This could free up £100 or so. 

    Suggest you ask some of your friends who live in the area if they know any good local computer shops. They're always better than big chain stores. The people in those shops really know computers. Those who work in chain stores only know how to work the cash register. 

    One of your friends could even help you build a computer. 

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