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Does a dehumidifier filled with water make a room cooler than an empty one?

My parents have a dehumidifier in the basement to dry up water that comes in when it rains.  The basement is also where I play my video games.  When the dehumidifier is running it makes it so hot down there.  My parents have told me to turn it off when I'm down there if it's not raining.  I do that and it helps but it still feels warm.  The only time it feels really cool is when the dehumidifier is completely full of water.  Unfortunately, when it does fill up my mom uses the water to do laundry in our basement bathroom along with the other buckets we have in the upstairs bathtub that collect water due to the faucet constantly dripping.  My mom can't use water from the washer because doing that also causes the plumbing to leak.


It doesn't overflow.  When it's filled with water a red light comes on and it stops running entirely until it is emptied.

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    Rolling my eyes!!!!!

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    NO. A dehumidifier doesn't make a room cooler. One with a full tank OVERFLOWS.ot

    Note: An A/C has the side effect of dehumidifying.

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     Water - and sweat - evaporates faster in drier air.  The more humid it is, the slower it evaporates.  The slower it evaporates, the slower your own heat is carried away from you.  Heat builds up, you sweat more to compensate, you feel hotter.

    So the dehumidifier is making the air drier, which will definitely make you feel cooler, all other things being equal.

    But they're not equal.  The dehumidifier has a couple of motors running which generate their own heat, and the air that comes out of the back of that thing is, by the nature of physics, warmer than it was going in.  That's all there is to it, it's going to be warmer.  Dehumidifiers make a space warmer.  Full stop.  No footnotes, no exceptions.

    By the way, fixing a dripping tub faucet is pretty easy, usually just a couple of bucks to fix.  $50 at the outside for the more expensive Delta single-handle designs.  And fixing the plumbing to the washer, it might be as simple as a couple of washers in the hose connections.

    Seriously, get this simple, penny ante stuff fixed.  

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    Find another bucket and dump the dehumidifier out as it is FULL.   iT TAKES MOISTURE out of the air&you got a lot. When the air is drier, it feels warmer.  Don't run the dehumidifier if you want to feel cold and clammy.  Ew.

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  • hace 3 meses

    Only if by being full it stops the dehumidifier from running and heating up the room.  What kind of dehumidifier is it?   Compresssor/refrigerant ones are best for warmer rooms, but evaporator/condenser ones (with a rotating drum) are best for colder rooms.  It sounds like you also badly need a ducted extractor fan down there.

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    No it won't cool the room.

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    actually, no it does not.  what it does is reduce the relative humidity in the room, so that when it is full, it has been running for some hours, the relative humidity id lower, and it feels cooler -- but a thermometer would tell you that this effect is only felt on your skin and not an actual temperature drop

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    Dehumidifiers do produce heat when working, that's inevitable. When they stop working they stop producing heat, but if the air in the room is already warm from the process it could remain so for some time.  It's nothing to do with water in the tank, it'd to do with whether the machine is running or not.  Other than ventilate the room, you could use a fan directed at you. It won't cool the room but it will make you feel cooler. 

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