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Who invented the most godly of foods: Cheese?

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    No on person has that designation. The first cheeses were thought to be made from sheep's milk. And it comes in literally Thousands of variations. 

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    Checking the internet, it seems cheese began to be made about 8,000 years ago, when sheep were domesticated. The logic of archeologists is that sheep stomachs were used to transport sheep milk. Sheep are ruminants, and their stomachs naturally have rennet in them, the stuff that turns milk solids into cheese. Cheese making equipment has been unearthed by archeologists at sites dating back to the time of Moses, and by the turn from BC to CE, Roman Soldier's rations included hard cheese. In the middle ages, varietal cheese was being produced including bleu cheese. BTW, some would say that manna, that sustained the Jewish people wandering in the desert, was the most godly of foods.

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    Black people.

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