Why canned soda usually doesn't explode when cracked open but bottled soda does more frequently?

I've never even had it happen to me and ive opened thousands of soda cans in my life. all it does is make a hiss and release some air but nothing ever spews out.

How come it happens with bottled soda much more frequently? I always have to be careful when opening bottled soda because it bubbles up rapidly and quickly if im not careful?


I meant plastic bottles. not glass.

so flexible like aluminum cans.

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    My guesses

    1 - bottles are typically much larger

    and (so) have much more gas that can be released


    a little bottle shaking (by which I mean: unintentional vibrations)

    releases much more dissolved gas

    than does a little can shaking

    just because there is so much more gas that can be released.

    Note: if it is true that larger bottles tend to "erupt" more often than small bottles, then that is probably the correct reason.

    2 - bottles are transparent or translucent

    and the light that reaches the soda

    tends to release the gas dissolved in the soda

    compared to the (opaque) cans which allow no such light to affect the soda

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    JUST a guess ... cans have a bit of flexibility and can expand a bit so the pressure inside the can is reduced. Glass doesn't expand, so the contents will be under more pressure.  But at the same time, you would expect the carbonation in soda to last longer with bottled pop than with canned pop. Never checked it out though, so this is just an educated guess.

  • snap  your  fingernail  against  the  can/bottle,  two  or  three  times,  before  opening.  doing  so … causes  the  air-bubbles  on  side  of  vessel  to  release.

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