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Music Licensing - Did I blow it?

Was wondering if someone in the music biz could comment on this...

So I was a fan of a show back in the day and was hoping to get some of the tracks used on said show. I emailed the company that was in the credits, and to them I was doing a skit about the show which I why I was asking for the music.

They had some music, not all, and sent me a playlist. I recognized pretty much all of the tracks and knew the ones I wanted. The issue was that all of them had several missing elements (for lack of a better word) that appeared on the actual show when it aired. I emailed to say that the tracks I listened to just ask if what they sent me was more like a demo/preview, and whether i would be getting the original when I made payment, and they wrote back " I’m not familiar with the music from that package, so I wouldn’t be able to comment on what elements are missing".I really didn't want to pay them to be sent the same thing I listened to (yes, I'm aware I couldn't license it then)

I then emailed them an attachment for one of the tracks I was asking for that showed the missing elements, it was a clip on youtube from the show with audience in the background.

I was just hoping for one reply to confirm I was getting the original but unfortunately I got no reply to that email, and one final follow up before I knew for whatever reason they would stop conversing.

Do you think it's likely I would have gotten what I heard on the show or the same in the playlist they had sent me?

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