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Is it unhealthy habit to eat same sort of meal for 3-4 days in a row?

I accidently made too much pasta gratin (Pasta, cheese and veggies), but because I didn't want to throw it/freeze it, i decided to eat it for 3-4 days straight, once changed it up by eating it with fried bacon.

But is it bad/unhealthy to eat same food over and over?


I didn't mean - each meal of the day - but let say three to four lunches OR DINNER

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    It can be bad if what you eat isn't comprehensive enough to include all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Like for example, if you chose to eat boxed mac and cheese every meal, every day (I actually know someone who does this~ he's autistic) that could lead to malnutrition.But, if you were to eat the pasta gratin and add things to the meal such as a salad for vitimans, or have other meals during the day that covered what the pasta gratin doesn't have in it, you will be fine. Bacon really isn't adding much other than flavor and salt, as that is not one of the greatest food choices on the menu, but it does give what you are eating a delicious boost.

  • Janet
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    It is not bad, but you do need to make sure that HALF of your plate is veggies (for the sake of nutrition, we do not include potatoes or corn in this designation, since they are mostly just starch).  Vary the veggies you eat.

  • CB
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    No worries for 3 or 4 days, pretty normal really. I am sure you ate other meals during those days (breakfast/lunch variety of foods).

  • Sandy
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    as long as the food doesn't smell bad, it's fine to eat. how much doesn't matter.

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