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Jewish people, when will the Messiah arrive?

And when such things happens, is it one or many Messiahs?

But is it true that the God Messiah already arrived 2020 years ago, and he was Jesus Christ?

I knew the Jews had one of the oldest & most brilliant Civilization among others, but are they keep on waiting for the Messiah after 2500 years? Thus why don’t they just accept Jesus  Christ as their Messiah?

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    "Jewish people, when will the Messiah arrive?"

    That is not something that can be predicted.

    "And when such things happens, is it one or many Messiahs?"

    Just the one.

    "But is it true that the God Messiah already arrived 2020 years ago, and he was Jesus Christ?"

    No, it is not.

    "Thus why don’t they just accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah?"

    Because he doesn't match any of the criteria for being the Messiah.

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    Most likely last Tuesday. 

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    We hope any day now... Chabad Lubavitchers specifically believe such as myself that the Messiah is coming in this generation or so. We believe the end is literally not long away. Other movements don't neccesarily have a specific timeframe but all Jewish books and calculations estimating the arrival of the Jewish Messiah states he is tarrying or running late! One of Rambam's principles of faith states "No matter how long the Messiah tarries I believe with perfect faith in the arrival and coming of Mashiach, every day I wait".

    Most Jewish movements expect the Messiah to be coming very soon put it that way. Chabad has jumped the gun but we expect to hear a bang shortly!

    It am absolutely positively certain JC was not and cannot ever be the Messiah. No doubts about it. I don't want to offend any Christians here but I am so certain JC is not the Messiah I will happily and guilt free blaspheme his name in the eyes of all infinate times to prove how certain and how confident I am that he is a false Messiah. But I don't need to do that and I don't want to offend certain people especially certain users on YA! I am friendly with. I am not JC's enemy unless you believe his saying "whoever is not with me is against me" then yes I am 100% not on JC's side. 

    You can ask me any questions you have in the comment box why I reject JC as the Messiah but I am not going to spend half an hour to an hour writing a long answer which will probably be deleted and crazy Christians have reported my answers in the past. I'll answer prophecies, verses, criteria whatever you want just leave a question in my comment box. Time is limited so I can only answer so many questions at a time, I will answer more perhaps later, tomorrow or another day. 

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    Some have. There's even the Christian religion "Messianic Judaism" that is obeying the Old and New Testaments the best. 

    There lots of Messianic Judaism TV shows and even TV Stations! 

    ISN "It's Supernatural Network" is of one that had been Jewish and became Christian. He has his own station and is on lots of others, like Youtube. 

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    coming in on the 4 pm flight next Wednesday ..........................

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