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during the Great Depression, did the US gov. really force "migrant workers" from Mexico back over the border? (why don't hear much about it?

I read that the USA had a lot of migrant workers from Mexico working farm jobs, etc for low wages and during the Great Depression there was uproar over this and the call for them to be deported. and you dont hear or read much about this now, it is almost like it never happened, but how it is now in comparison to then , if know?

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    Yes.  These forced migrations were called “repatriation drives.”  Additional information below.

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    Yes, this happens in the Jennifer Lopez movie My Family. The film depicts three generations of a Mexican American family who emigrated from Mexico and settled in East Los Angeles.

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    The US government did a lot of bad things like that and don't forget what they did to the WW1 vets to but there is one thing we have now that they didn't have then 24 hour news and if they don't tell people they didn't know

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    I remember Eisenhower and "Operation WettBackk" but nothing about in happening further back.

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    I thought it was later, under Eisenhower.

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    I know at the border they will "clean" you with all the filth as being a Mexican.  

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