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How do I convince myself my friends don’t hate me?

Because of the quarantine, my friend circle has gotten even smaller. I currently only have three people I consider my friends, but I really only talk to one of them.

But the friend I talk to the most has been branching out and meeting new people. I know that people can have multiple friends and I don’t want her to feel like she can’t talk to anyone, but I’m worried she’ll lose interest in me because all I do is talk about my anxiety and my suicidal thoughts and my interests she doesn’t care too much about to her. I feel like she finds these new people she’s meeting to be more interesting than me, and she’ll stop talking to me altogether just like she did her previous friends. She’s moving far too, so I’m worried I’ll lose my closest friend. I hope someone can give me some advice to cope with this. 

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    So basically you need to buck your ideas up don't you and do something pro-active for yourself for a change.  You seem to like moaning about life in general don't you.  You have 3 friends but only give one of them attention?  Why?  What's wrong with the other two?  Don't they deserve a quick bit of typing from you - 'Hi, how are you?'  If you neglect people, you lose them don't you.  Your 3rd friend, the one who does get an occasional Hello from you has decided that one, very clingy friend isn't enough for her so she's doing what you should do - branch out and get a few more friends under your belt to spread the load a bit.  You say yourself 'all I do is talk about my anxiety and my suicidal thoughts and my interests'.  Well, I bet THAT's a barrel of laughs for her.  You probably depress her and she NEEDS other people to 'spread the load' and get some lighthearted stuff into her brain rather than all this doom and gloom she gets from you.  You are basically using her and one day she'll realise this.  It's ALL about you ALL the time.  You must learn that YOU are not the centre of the universe.  This good friend of yours needs some attention too.  Maybe she has problems but do you ever listen to her?  I doubt it.  If she's moving away, I suggest you get online to the two others and make a bit of a fuss of them before they disappear too.  I think you need counselling to find out why you are so downbeat.

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