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Physics HW, can you check if my answer is correct?

A ventilation fan has blades 0.25m in radius rotating at 20radians per second. What is the tangential speed (or velocity) of each blade tip?

A. 0.02m/s

B. 0.52 m/s

C. 5.0 m/s

D. 20 m/s

I used equation Vt=r*w

.25 * 20 = 5

so i picked c, is that correct?

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    You are absolutely correct.

  • ?
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    I think you mean V = rω....where r is the radius and ω is the angular velocity.

    so, you are correct.


  • Vaman
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    hace 1 mes

    I think it is r w= 0.25*20=5m/s

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