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What are some good recipes that fit this criteria?

1) Healthy or somewhat healthy for someone who wants to lower their cholesterol level (so foods low in saturated fats) and avoid carcinogens

2) Not spicy. Less spicy than banana peppers.

3) Only seafood: canned tunafish

4) Chicken is a favorite food

5) Recipes that make or can be adjusted to make only 1-2 servings (i.e. for a single person)

6) Easy and/or very detailed recipes. This person is clueless about cooking.

7) Short preparation time would be a plus


This person doesn't have or want a grill, and grill marks on meat go hand-in-hand with being carcinogenic.

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  • Anton
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    hace 1 mes
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    Thousands of recipes.  Like at Grilled Malibu Chicken....

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  • Fubar
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    hace 1 mes

    I would need to look at grandads low cholesterol diet list that the doctor gave him to find that out.

  • kswck2
    Lv 7
    hace 1 mes

    Almost anything is available from that list. And grill marks are not carcinogenic. 

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