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Am I sick?

The past few days ive been regularly checking my tempreture because its been really high but not a fever. I will regularly get readings in the 99.0 range. Once i even got a 100.3 but then it went down to 99.1 in a matter of minutes. Its a new thermometer and is consistent with everyone else so its not a faulty reading. 

I have chronic pain/fatigue/nausea and ibs so its hard for me to know when im actually sick or when its just a chronic illness flairing up. I don't have a cough or runny nose though. 

How can i know if im sick or just a warm person? Thanks 

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  • Marc
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    You go to a doctor and have a proper exam. A qualified healthcare provider is the only one who can tell you if you are sick. Some random subjective findings on here are not enough to make any reasonable diagnosis.

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