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How soon will a camera makers make a circular format 35mm digital camera with a circular sensor that is 43mm in diameter?

No need to hold the camera vertically.


The 6x6 format is as close to a circular format as there is. There is almost always a need for cropping, and the 6x6 shooter does not have to turn his camera 90 degrees. The advantage that a circular format has over a square format is that panoramas can be easily produced.

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    Circular photos died out in or around 1900 when Kodak realised that people wanted square or rectangle.

    You can approximate a circular look by setting your digital camera's image ratio to 1:1 that will give you a square image. Compose and shoot your image then crop it into a circle later using your favourite image editing program

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    That will happen when a camera manufacturer decides it is worthwhile. 


    In other words, don't hold your breath.

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  • Sumi
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    This will never happen because nobody wants such a device.  And by nobody, I mean you and maybe one other troll on the internet.  A circular format does not make it easier to create panoramas.  If anything, it makes it more difficult by string a series of circles.  Your claims make zero sense.

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    "The advantage that a circular format has over a square format is that panoramas can be easily produced."

    Absolute rubbish - it provides no advantage at all!  But let's assume it's right - the cost of producing the sensors for such a limited application would be prohibitive.

  • keerok
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    The cost of producing a circular sensor will never be justified if the problem can be solved simply by turning the camera around vertically. Besides, there are numerous mounts that are already available in the market to set a camera vertically on the tripod or by freehand. Then again if the main concern are panoramas then vertical isn't even the proper way to do it.

  • Andrew
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    Steve P is right.

    There are a number of reasons for rectangular (or square) images;

    1) It's easier to fit them on a roll, with no wasted space.

    2) Edge performance is diabolical, even with the finest lenses, so only the centre is used.

    3) The bigger the image, the longer the focal length needed.  Even in the good times, no manufacturer was suddenly going to throw R&D resources into a project that nobody wanted, and including new bodies, new lenses, new shutters and a completely new outlook.  With the current contraction of the camera market, nobody's going to take the risk.

    4) Straight lines are easy - making a perfectly circular sensor would be a nightmare.

    Generations of photographers have learned to hold a camera vertically with no loss of quality or control, it's your turn to learn.

  • hace 3 meses

    Quick answer is NEVER. It is absurd for many reasons that I am not going to bother going into now. This "why is a lens round and the sensor / film square" thing has been answered over and over here. Just take my word for it, a round sensor or film format is NOT practical and will NOT happen.

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