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Why does this hydrangea not bloom?

Planted in 2015, it had flowers 2 summers, but after being transplanted a couple of times there're been no flowers ...

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    "After being transplanted a couple of times". That's probably the problem. It was moved too many times. Are the stems and trunks of the bush still green and living or brown and dead? Does it have leaves, are they bright green like they should be? 

    It's not good to move plants more than once every few seasons (years). When a plant is moved it takes time for it to re-establish a marriage between the new locations soil and it's root system. It could take up to 3 seasons when it's moved (once) for a plant to bloom again. Leave it where it is for a few years. It might bloom next year. 

    Stop moving it. If you've moved it every year that's what the problem is. You're not giving it time to marry with the soil and establish a good enough root base with the soil for it to feed it self. 

    You might be able to help it along by sprinkling plant food and miracle gro on the soil all around it's base and water it every night and very early morning (dawn) every day. It's not blooming because it's probably struggling to survive. 

    Also keep in mind that the color of it's flowers depends on the acidity of the soil it's planted in. It may not bloom the same color flowers as it did before because of the properties of the soil it's in. 

    Leave it where it is for a few seasons. Stop moving it. If you keep moving it you might kill it. 

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