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Would you rather be in a fight with goku or Naruto ?


I’ll rather fight Naruto than goku for sure

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    Naruto. This would mean the Naruto world was real and I'd rather that world be real than the DBZ world. Naruto world is cooler. Plus, Goku would make my whole body explode with his first punch. Naruto would just hit me a few times, I'd fall down and cry and he'd feel sorry for me and then take me out for noodles. His treat. 

  • I'll fight Kid-Teen Naruto because someone needs to slap some sense into him about Sakura. Don't know much about adult Naruto because I stop watching Naruto when I learned he spent all those years trying to whoo Sakura, even almost dying for her, and didn't even get no pυssy from her. Naruto was fυcken dumb. I would have quit after a month.

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    Naruto. He would put up a good fight, we'd end up friends, and we go for ramen. Fighting Goku would be too easy seeing how long it takes for him to power up. I would just hit him while he's busy doing that and win.

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