Could my self portrait be used in an Art Gallery?

Iv'e just drawn in it myself in Paint 3D.

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    Do they have a horror section?

  • Lili
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    hace 4 semanas


    Sure. As an example of juvenile draughtsmanship in a children's museum.

  • John
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    hace 1 mes

    We went on a art walk once, years ago. Where all the galleries are open and have snacks and things. It was clear that one gallery was caught with their pants down and needed to fill the walls. Somebody painted all afternoon, looked like, and it was all like what you posted. Kind of embarrassing, actually.

  • ummm … did  you  use  drawing-pen  while  using  paint-3d … or  just  used  the  mouse?  if  the  former … you  might  try  exploring  your  mind  first … perhaps  the  art  will  come  later?  main  thing  is … idf  you  enjoy … keep  drawing!

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  • CAB
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    hace 1 mes

    Which of the three is you?

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