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How much Bacon is considered reasonable Healthy to eat?

I usually eat it with pasta once a week. A package is 150g (5 slices) and I usually take half per meal. I'm normal weight woman in her 30s (BMI 21).

I heard bacon can be bad if eating too much, but does seems unhealthy to eat a 150g per week?


"reasonable". I mean I'm not a Diet freak but I avoid eating fast-food and too "bad fat" food too frequently as I used to have bad eating habits when I was underweight, I'm 5'6" and 130ibs so no need to worry about a few pounds (was 95ibs in my teens and "survived" on diet drinks and instant meals), but as I don't exercise I don't want to make into a bad habit.

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    Moderation is key - and since you eat it just once a week, you're good.

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    Well, bacon has been classified as a carcinogen, but so have many other things.  I personally wonder if uncured turkey bacon actually could be a small upgrade, but overall probably not very much.

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