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I’m pregnant and he’s no help?

Okay so this is a lot. I’m pregnant by a guy who recently had another baby. Like recently as in a few days ago. I had no idea he had another kid on the way. I’m not that far along but I’ve been very sick and stressed already and he hasn’t been around to help. I understand he has a new born but i feel like he should manage his time better. to make matters worse, he’s not going to tell the other baby mama that I’m pregnant yet because he doesn’t want her to get mad. He told me to give him time. He says they aren’t together but if that’s the case I don’t see why she’d get mad. I went to the emergency room the other day for sharp abdominal pain. I tried to call him and tell him and he has my number blocked. I had to message him on instagram and didn’t get a response until hours later. I just think the way he’s dealing with me is terrible and I also think I should reach out to her to let her know I need his time and attention too. What should I do? I’ve never had a child before and I’m scared and I don’t have any support which is why I need him to be around. He doesn’t have to be with me but as his child’s mother show me some respect. 

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    I'm pretty disgusted by the answers I'm seeing here. The point of Yahoo Answers is what it says. To answer questions. If you can't answer it kindly and give an actual answer don't comment at all. Simple as that. Judging the person harshly for no apparent reason based on one paragraph doesn't help the situation. And it's pathetic, especially when it's clear the person is vulnerable. 

    Now to actually give advice. I don't know if you knew the guy was with someone else, but if you did that's pretty wrong and you should expect what's happening at the moment. But if you didn't, which from the way you are stating this, it seems you didn't know, it's actually the guy who is selfish and immature, not you, as one of the trolls here stated idiotically. I hope you don't try to get back with him, because although support is what every pregnant woman needs, it's messy for two women to share a man, and if you decide to be with him, you will regret it, because there will come a day when he will be tired of going back and forth, and will choose between you two women, and it seems that he has already made his decision from what you said about him blocking you. He's a vile coward.  At the end of the day, you have an innocent unborn child. Once the baby is born, you need to get child support, and focus on being a good mother. I hope that you stay safe and that what I said is somewhat helpful. 

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    I think the reality is that he is not going to be supportive, so I would look to other people for your emotional support during this time - a sister, a close friend, etc.

    When your baby is born, you will need a DNA test to establish paternity, then he can support your child and his other child.

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    Adoption. He's not there for you and he's not going to be once the baby's born. Give the kid a fair chance in life. 

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    Look. You haven't seen the reality yet.

     He cheated on HER with YOU. 

    He is lying to YOU about his situation with HER. For all you know, they're married. You cannot take his word for anything.

    He's blocked your number. Most people would take that as a hint, but oh, not you.

    You are filled with pregnancy hormones that make you see this guy as necessary to your survival. That's just instinct. You have to ignore it. What you need to do now is make sure you have his full name, contact info, where he works, etc., so you can file for child support later.

    That's the only help you'll be getting from this guy. If that.

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    He owes you nothing other than child support if/when a court orders it.

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    I feel  bad when innocent babies are born into such messy situations.   Plan on raising the baby as a single mother.

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    Sorry, but you're being immature, naive, and selfish.  You made a huge (and probably bad) choice to have a baby with some guy rather than with a man who is your exclusive and long term partner.

    Hundreds of millions of women have managed alone during pregnancy -- and you need to get used to it.  This baby daddy isn't going to be there for you or your child emotionally, physically, or financially.  Sorry to be so harsh, but you need to find a different support network. 

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    Did you plan this pregnancy? Do you plan anything? Or, is it just .......whatever. You need to re-evaluate your morals. good luck!

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