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What’s wrong with my make up?

I get I could shorten the wing I’m working on that and it’s a bit messy in these pics I totally get that also, but it seems to highly bother people, they say I look like a man . What else can I do ? Do I need to change my bone structure or something 


Myfavouritelucy- thanks for replying lol I said yeah it looks bad because it was applied hours ago and eyebrows need plucking sorry about that. As for skin texture idk how I can change that 

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Hey I just want to say thanks for all the advice I wish I could give all three of you best answer . I took everything on board and tried it . I gotta say big improvement ! Thanks all of you (except ofcourse the certain user who felt the need to be nasty )

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Yara this has already been resolved, IK how to apply eyeliner thanks

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Also, for further information the black stuff on my eyelids isn’t eyeliner, it’s a new liquid black shadow I got that I’m still getting used to using this was probably about my second application of it. I tight line my eyeliner (put it under my eyelid instead of over it for neater results) and put it on my waterline. I then tend to build the look with eyeshadow 

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    It seems your skin is maybe of an oily type - that’s why there is some issues with applying your eye makeup as it looks like it is smudging, otherwise it looks nicely done.   What you need is a good oily skin face wash, a toner and an cleanser and exfoliate so your skin texture appears much smoother. 

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    you have your eye liner going on the lid of your eyebrow I would retry this again 

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    It seems like it’s smeared and looks kinda messy. Maybe try watching tutorials on how to apply eyeliner properly?

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    You need to use some powder to remove the oily shine below your eye, and some powder on your eyelid will keep it from running or bleeding too much. 

    And yes, cleaning up your eyebrows would improve your look a lot.

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    Since you asked: the brows are a mess. Tidy up the hairs under the arch. Because your eyes look oily use matte eye primer before applying the liner. Use the softest pencil you can find and use light fine strokes and build up depth and darkness. It's better to start light than to try and smudge away too dark liner. It looks like you smudged and didn''t do a very good job. It also appears that the pencil you are using is a little hard and dry. 

    After applying liner apply your eyeshadow over the liner. Use a powder formula and apply a light dusting on the liner to set it in place. Never use a liner without other eye makeup. It's too hard and dark and looks racoon like. Blending liner and shadow will give your eyes an airbrushed elegant look. I know some love the hard cut line between liner and shadow but it isn't the best for everyone and doesn't look good for casual daytime makeup looks. A natural blended look works better for blue eyes, blonde hair and pale skin tones.

     As for skin texture, look into retinol serums at night and vitamin C serums in the day. Retinol can cause sun sensitivity so use it as a night products only. Avoid harsh abrasive scrubs that act like sandpaper. Your skin is not a sheet of plywood. Abrasive stuff can abrade and scrape skin and ultimately make it thicker and rougher. Dermatologists have some amazing treatments that smooth rough skin and can reccomend how to slowly improve skin's surface.

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    Messy eyebrows, REALLY badly applied eyeliner, and skin texture of a male.....sorry

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